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Wholesale Furniture Brokers is a British Columbia based business that began its journey back in 2002 with a dream of developing an online furniture store and providing great value for their customers. They offer price leading furniture with free shipping to online customers direct from the manufacturers in the USA and Canada. Additional discounts are provided to deliveries in qualified markets and many surrounding areas including: Calgary, Courtenay, Edmonton, Hamilton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Montreal, Nanaimo, Ottawa, Quebec City, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg. Products stocked in Canada leave the warehouse in 1-3 business days and have an estimated delivery of 1-17 business days. World-class customer service is provided to customers by telephone, email and online chat.

Shoppers have the option to choose from a growing collection of traditional, modern and contemporary furniture styles and a selection of eco-friendly products for inside and outside the home. No membership fees are required, and additional discounts are offered in major markets and surrounding areas across Canada. With over 11 years of online customer service experience and competitive prices, Wholesale Furniture Brokers is an excellent affiliate opportunity! Join the Wholesale Furniture Brokers affiliate program and start earning today!

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  • Payout: 5% CPS
  • Average Sale: $0.00
  • Conversion Rate: 0.0%


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  • Text Links: Available
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  • Product Feed: Active


  • Promo Code: Restricted

    Promo code policy for Wholesale Furniture Brokers:

    The Wholesale Furniture Brokers program has policy restrictions. Please review the affiliate terms and conditions to ensure compliance of all policies. Sales outside the policy may be reversed, commissions may not be paid and publishers may be terminated.

    Promotional Code Policy: Restricted

    Policy Description: Publishers are only permitted to use authorized codes.